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3 Month Old Baby: First Teeth Symptoms?

Do you have a 3 month old baby? And do you think he spits more, or is he behaving differently? You may have thought about his teeth and if his first teeth are starting to come out. Find out the symptoms that occur at this moment and if it is possible to experience them in the third month of life.

Not all children have the same dental experience. In fact, there is huge personal variability. For example, there are differences the moment each child’s teeth begin to erupt, the teeth that appear, or the pain that occurs in each at this stage. Is.

If you have an old baby and you’ve seen something happen to it, you’ve probably thought about its teeth. Let’s see if their behavior can be related to their appearance.

These are the signs that your baby is picking teeth.

Here are some common signs that are showing teeth to a child:

  1. Her gums are swollen and very sensitive.
  2. His salvation is severe.
  3. He is usually irritable and restless.
  4. I have trouble sleeping.
  5. He doesn’t want to eat.
  6. Get face and/or ears.
  7. There is an emphasis on chewing more.
  8. The tooth is seen sticking to its gums.


The duration of these symptoms can be as short as a few days, only when a new tooth is emerging. Although it may be that if you are getting multiple, they extend the time a bit more. On the other hand, some may be more fortunate and show no discomfort.

Also, you may be showing symptoms, but these are not specific to walking teeth. For example, if a child shows symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, vomiting, common illness, or nasal congestion, it is more likely that his teeth are not coming out because of this, therefore, a more serious About ruling out the problem, it’s best to go to your child’s doctor.

If you first want to see if it is the appearance of teeth, it is better to think about whether it is appropriate for their age. We look at it below.

Can you have these symptoms at 3 months?

As we have been saying, although there is a big difference between every baby, in general, something common is when the teeth start to erupt around 6 months. If you’ve asked yourself before, it could be that at 3 months of age when they start exploring the world, and it’s special for them to put their hands in their mouths and spit more ۔

However, it is true that, in some cases, the onset of teeth may begin as early as 3 months of age. Although this is not the most common. An expert will be able to dispel your doubts.

Of course, whether this is already the appearance of a temporary tooth. Daily dental care for the baby should begin before the first baby teeth appear. To do this, we should clean the gums every day with clean gauze or brush them with a clean brush without the use of clean water and toothpaste. When the first teeth appear, we will gradually change this routine of washing.

I hope this article will help all the mothers to take care of their 3 Month Old Baby while they are picking up their first teeth.

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