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How to choose right Baby Diapers in Pakistan

Selecting the best Baby Diapers in Pakistan is a bit complicated. Arranging diapers in any child’s store or supermarket can be a puzzle for young parents: products vary in size, absorbency, convenience, and other parameters. I will tell you the most important thing when choosing a diaper

There is no diaper that is ideal for all babies, but you can choose the best one especially for your baby. I will make a reservation right now that we will talk about the most common and easy option – disposable diapers. Reusable hygiene products are also gaining popularity, but it’s best to read about them separately.

Consider the weight while selecting Baby Diapers in Pakistan

Each pack of diapers indicates the baby’s weight limit for which a specific size is intended. For example, 4–8 kg or 6–11 kg.

Manufacturers recommend that when the baby has not yet reached the recommended size of the weight, switch to the next size so that it does not hurt. For example, if a child wears the M size in the range of 6-10 kg, as soon as he reaches 9 kg, it is better to start using the size in the range of 9-14 kg.

In fact, it is possible to focus not only on size but also on subjective feelings. If the diaper leaks too often, the baby is probably too big. If the baby has rubber bands on his feet, he is already small.


Check for softness and thickness

It is easy to check the softness and thickness of the diapers: there is no need to buy and open the packaging because in the big stores you can taste the samples of different companies.

I noticed that in premium lines, the inner surface of the diaper is always softer and softer, and in the cheapest part, it is more “artificial” to the touch. Expensive diapers are thinner than budget ones and are more comfortable compared to products of the same brand. They look like normal underwear and thick things can knock together and interfere with the baby’s movement.

If it is not possible to estimate the level of diapers, you should read other mothers’ reviews in advance.

Choose pants – diapers for children from 6 kg

Baby diapers can be classic or pantyhose. The classic ones have reusable velcro fasteners on the sides. The panties have two seams and an elastic band at the waist instead of fasteners like normal underwear.

Top-Rated Brands Baby Diapers in Pakistan

Choosing between them is easy: panties are usually used for babies who have reached 6 kg – often they are six months old. At this age, the baby is interested in the world around him, walks a lot, so it is very difficult to put a classic diaper on him. Absorbent panties are easier and quicker to put on. Also, take off – you just need to break the direction. There are no diaper panties for newborns – so far only classic diapers are suitable for them.

Some manufacturers offer different types of baby diapers online for boys and girls. These models differ not only in design, but also in the distribution of fillers: girls ‘panties have more fillers in the center, and boys’ panties have more fillers in front. It takes into account the physical characteristics of children of different sexes, but there is no significant difference in usage.

Usable rates for parents

For young parents, diapers should be comfortable to use, to really make life easier.

If panty diapers have recycling tape, they are easy to roll up after use. The full diagram lets you know when it’s time to change the diaper. This is especially useful for inexperienced parents. In the smallest diaper size – you can see a special cutout for the navel, which helps the umbilical cord to heal faster.

Such options always point to the packaging, so you need to read the information carefully and make the right choice.


Find maximum attractiveness and softness

These are related concepts: the more attractive a diaper is, the longer its length stays dry. You can see this parameter only in practice: you have to start using the product and observe how many days it lasts for the baby.

On average, a three-month-old baby uses 6 to 9 diapers every day. If diapers need to be changed more often because the baby is wet, you should consider changing the brand or at least the line – even for a manufacturer, they can vary significantly.

The nineties have better absorbency than day diapers – they are more absorbent to absorb moisture. True, they’re not so comfortable and they’re designed to sleep and be less mobile.

Even if it looks dry, staying in a diaper for a long time is not worth it. This is a violation of the rules of hygiene which can cause diaper rash on the baby’s skin.

Don’t buy large packages at once

The larger the package, the lower the cost per diaper. However, I do not recommend young parents to buy as many packets as possible – if the diaper does not fit, the money will be wasted.

To get started, it’s best to buy several small packs of diapers from manufacturers who like quality, technology, and other features. In the process of use, it will become clear which ones are more suitable for the child, and then you can buy the biggest package.

Often, large manufacturers offer free baby diapers online samples to parents – this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the product. Exhibitions of children’s goods, in large offline and online stores, are held in such promotion and nutrition clinics.

Select the best Diapers manufacturers in Pakistan

There are several major types of diaper manufacturers, for example, well-known brands that often use the latest Material are Molfix, Canbebe, Huggies, Bona Papa, and etc are gaining popularity, focusing on product eco-friendliness.

Many parents buy mass-market goods with attractive performance ratios. Some large stores make their own brand of baby diapers online for the lowest prices.

Parents will have to decide which is more important: the latest developments in the field of hygiene or an affordable price. Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine the two into one product.

Pay attention to the scent

I recommend that you read the packaging information to avoid unpleasant consequences in the form of strong and strong aromas. If the diaper is dyed in a care lotion, the odor becomes noticeable.

Many parents like the delicate scent of aloe vera and chamomile, but it can be very harsh or even more offensive to the newborn’s mother – due to hormonal changes, many women change their perception of odors. ۔

7 Recommendations for Choosing Baby Diapers in Pakistan

  1. To choose the right size, you need to know the weight of the baby.
  2. For parents who are sensitive to smells, it is best to choose scentless diapers.
  3. If the baby is less than six months old, you will need a classic diaper. If more – diapers, panties.
  4. In practice, maximum absorption and dryness will have to be determined.
  5. It is best to take several small packages from different companies to understand their preferences and not spend extra money.
  6. If possible, always be able to touch the sample with your hands before purchasing the package. If not, read the reviews.
  7. It’s a good idea to determine in advance which diaper features are really important, and which are just a marketing ploy.

We have covered all the points of how to select the best Baby Diapers in Pakistan. So please give your newborn a comfortable life and choose good baby diapers from Kuikmart.

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