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Newborns and Covid: How to Protect Your baby

Newborns and covid. As a result of the Pandemic, we have been immersed in for more than half a year. Women around the world have changed their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth, in some cases to a great extent.

While it is true that these changes have been necessary, especially to protect a pregnant woman’s health and reduce the risk of infection newborns in covid. They have had a significant impact not only on the pregnancy experience but also on childbirth.

During the months leading up to imprisonment in our country, for example, face-to-face meetings with midwives were minimized, as were various medical examinations that were mandatory. In addition to minimizing physical contact, many physical appointments were exchanged for telephone consultations.

Coronavirus Newborn Risk

Although some studies have shown that people infected with coronavirus in pregnant women are at increased risk of serious complications, and they may be at higher risk of delivering their babies prematurely, they are also at higher risk. Pregnancy loss may occur

All of this has a huge negative impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of the future mother. Especially when pregnancy occurs at a time like the one we have been experiencing since March in our country. And that when birth occurs at the time of the coronavirus. It is normal for her to worry and fear that at the time of delivery, or during the days when both mother and baby are in the hospital, So it creates the possibility of infectious disease.

Obviously, this is nothing new. Any health crisis calls for similar measures. Although it is true that most likely we have not observed them. As it may be, it is true that the epidemic has changed the maternity experience. Since, in the absence of support from friends and family, especially physically, there is more to maternity care. Limited access has been added, giving birth at this time is as unique as it is painful.

Fortunately, the situation today is relatively calm. And although it is normal to feel a lot of anxiety about the possibility of infectious disease. After the baby is born, during any doctor’s visit, or during a hospital stay, you can still enjoy motherhood.


The importance of knowing the risks

There is currently no evidence that pregnant women have a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus than the general population. However, it has been found that when they are exposed to a new virus. They may develop a more serious illness. Which is related to the functioning of the immune system during pregnancy, as it changes.

The same studies showed that many hospitalized pregnant women who were infected with the virus had no symptoms. While it is true that, among those with symptomatic symptoms, between 16 and 30 percent require intensive care, while between 6 and 8.5 percent require a ventilator to breathe.

Therefore, pregnant women are considered a risk group against the Pandemic. They should be as careful as possible when trying to access medical assistance by face, virtual, and/or remotely.

And, in the case of face-to-face medical appointments. (for example, before a medical examination, such as follow-up ultrasound), it is important to talk to a trusted health center general practitioner, doctor, or midwife.

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The arrival time newborns in covid

It is common for many pregnant women to wonder if it is really safe to go to the hospital when the baby is about to be born. Obviously, the answer should always be positive. In fact, most of the hospitals in our country have adapted their facilities for the care of pregnant women who do not present symptoms differently from the patients who may have Covid 19. Which may indicate the existence of separate areas.

While it is true that pregnant mothers have to attend some prenatal appointments and tests alone. They do not need to be born without the help of a partner. (or family member) at the time of delivery.

Water supply is considered safe for mothers who do not have symptoms, but not for pregnant women who have symptoms or who have had a positive test in Covid 19. This is because the virus is present in the stool, so the pool water can become contaminated.

Upon arrival at the hospital, PCR is performed in many hospitals to ensure that the mother is not affected. In return, only one partner is allowed.

After birth, experts now advise not to separate mothers and babies, to do good as soon as possible, and to encourage women to breastfeed as soon as possible.

After delivery, hospital stay has been reduced to a minimum. Except when the mother is serious, she will keep coming in because of it. However, during the health crisis, the birth we are drowning in is treated between safety measures and intensive care.

In addition, these measures are extremely strict at most, and these meetings are limited to very close families. Which will include only fathers, mothers, siblings, and children.


I hope I have covered all the details of newborns and covid in this article. And I also hope you will get benefit with this article.

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